ZURICH, 4 December 2020: After the bankruptcy of STA Travel and the buyback of Globetrotter by its founders, the question surfaces; what will happen to DK Travel Group?

Switzerland’s leading travel trade journal, Travelnews, filed that question earlier this week to Diethelm Keller Group that held controlling stakes in both STA Travel and Globetrotter. TravelNews claims in its latest post that since Wednesday it is now “clear that Explorer Fernreisen in Düsseldorf is no longer part of the DK Travel Group”.

Photo: Travelnews, Switzerland.

According to the report, the Globetrotter Group sold its 60% stake in Explorer to New Travel Travel Agency Sales (NTRV), a joint venture between Aerticket and the AER cooperation, while DK Travel Holding is also selling its 40% stake to NTRV according to an announcement made André Lüthi (CEO Globetrotter Group).

Travelnews asked DK Travel Group CEO, Casper Urhammer, what comes next? Urhammer’s written replies appear to confirm that “DK Travel Group has decided to leave the travel industry in order to be able to concentrate 100% on its core competencies.” The core competencies of the Diethelm Keller Group are real estate, furniture, household items, cleaning and aviation supplies.

In response to questions from Travelnews about the future of the two remaining travel companies in the travel division (Diethelm Travel and Travelers Autobarn), Urhammer comments: “At Diethelm Travel we are looking for a buyer for our shares, so looking for a new partner for Tourasia boss Stephan Roemer.” He has been CEO of the Diethelm Travel Group since 2017 and is also involved in it. The campervan business with Travelers Autobarn will remain with the Diethelm Keller Group but will be moved to the “DK Investments” unit.

“Urhammer is currently not issuing any further information on his own position in the future. Likewise, the Diethelm Keller Group, CEO Angelo van Tol, to whom Travelnews initially filed its questions is not giving interviews,” the online news report stated.

Source: Travelnews, Switzerland. Reproduced with permission. The original story can be viewed at https://www.travelnews.ch/reiseanbieter/17707-die-diethelm-keller-group-steigt-aus-der-reisebranche-aus.html