Every year, thousands of new updates to HIPAA provisions and regulations are introduced to the US healthcare industry. However, many businesses are not familiar with some of the elements included in those regulations. It is no wonder that, as most HIPAA compliant website integrations deal with confidential business data, the potential to run into problems is high. To avoid those problems, organizations need to hire a trained HIPAA consultant who has experience and expertise in these regulations. There are many companies, large and small, that provide HIPAA consulting services, but you should ask what the company offers before considering hiring one.

Accredited by The HIPAA Security Rule

First, the company needs to be accredited by the HIPAA Security Rule – Part iv. For the developers of an enterprise website to meet this requirement, the organization must ensure that the HIPAA compliant website developer has met all the security requirements under the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Information Protection Agency (IPA). The developer must also have met all State regulatory requirements. These requirements can vary, so it is necessary to check with your state regulatory agency.

HIPAA Notice of Compliance

Secondly, the company should have a HIPAA Notice of Compliance. This is a legal document that informs employers, patients, service providers, and commercial organizations of how their privacy policies and procedures comply with the Security Rule. This document also tells them what they need to do to ensure their information is kept confidential and secure. While not every notice is legally required, it is still best practice for the organization to get a HIPAA Complaint App Development before submitting a final HIPAA Notice to the developer.

Next, the developer must provide a HIPAA Complaint about App Development to the organization. The organization should note that submitting a Complaint is not required by the privacy laws. However, many claim that it is better to have a complaint than to not have one at all. For this reason, the organization will probably need to investigate to verify that the web developer is not a threat. This can be done through several different means:

Developer’s business license or employment verification

One way is to request a copy of the developer’s business license or employment verification. Another is to ask for detailed contact information including email address, telephone number, and physical address. If possible, you should also obtain copies of the software code and source code that describes the app. You should also contact the organization’s attorneys to determine whether any litigation might be able to force the developer to produce these documents.

If you feel as though the HIPAA Complaint about App Development you received is inadequate to protect your private information, you should contact a HIPAA attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer can assess the strength of your position and determine whether the web developer is a potential threat. They can also assist in drafting a lawsuit motion if necessary.