Yacht vacations are a growing popularity in Asia. These floating hotels are perfect for people who prefer to sail, experience breathtaking sights, and encounter cultures in different countries like Thailand, Singapore, or India. But buying a yacht is a pretty costly affair. It can set you back thousands or millions. Lucky, you do not have to buy one. Instead, you can charter a yacht to take you on that dream holiday vacation.

Once you have picked out the places you would like to visit, you need to find a yacht charter company. Then you have to get your travel documents in order and decide what to carry for the trip.

What To Bring On A Yacht

A yacht vacation is like being in a hotel or resort that is mobile. One gets to experience the wonders of sailing while taking in the sights of the world. Most chartered yachts come with a specialized crew who handle most of the tasks on board. And if you hired the services of a broker, they must have done much of the work for you.

Although yachts offer ensuite services, there are a couple of essentials you should bring along. But what exactly should you carry? And how much should you take?

  1. Relevant documentation

Sailing between different countries will require you to obtain relevant documentation. This is especially necessary if you will be disembarking in different jurisdictions. Therefore, confirm with the yacht charter company if you are required to apply for visas or travel passes. For instance, if you will be travelling to the second largest island in Thailand, a Koh Samui yacht charter company will advise you on the kind of non-immigrant visa to get.

  1. Appropriate clothing and swimwear

Depending on the regions you plan to sail to, the weather conditions, and duration of the trip, pack the appropriate clothing to last you during the trip. Pack a bunch of t-shirts, flimsy shirts, shorts, and sundresses. Include a cardigan or light jacket in case it gets chilly at night.

Swimwear is a must-have. There will be a lot of sunbathing and swimming, therefore, make sure you bring a bathing suit. Also, consider the footwear you carry. Heels may look good but are a bad idea as you will be walking on beaches and docks.

  1. Sun protection

Most yacht trips occur during summer, which means you are most likely to encounter high temperatures. An effective brand of sunscreen will go a long way when it comes to keeping sunburn at bay. Headwear to protect your eyes. Most yachts have strong onboard AC systems, but having sunscreen, a hat, and a few light long-sleeved shirts ensures you aren’t a victim of sunburn and heatstroke.

Final Word

A while back, chartering a yacht was a costly affair. However, due to its prevalent growing popularity among visitors to Asian countries, the prices are coming down. As you plan your trip, pick the best yacht chartering company and carry all the essentials you may need. Remember to bring a few miscellaneous things you require such as pillows and books.