SINGAPORE, 19 April 2021: Travellers arriving at Singapore’s
Changi Airport with the CommonPass digital health pass can now digitally verify
their health status with Singapore Immigration and streamline border entry
using the technology.

The system is powered by Affinidi, a Singapore-based company
founded by investment firm Temasek, in cooperation with the Commons Project
Foundation. They inked a new partnership last week that leverages Affinidi’s
digital credential verification solution to enable the safe reopening of
borders around the world as international travel resumes.


Affinidi’s digital credential verification solution will be
accessible to members of the CommonTrust Network, an inclusive global network
launched by The Commons Project Foundation and the World Economic Forum (WEF)
to ensure that verifiable lab results and vaccination records from trusted
sources are presented to authorities in a privacy-preserving manner.

Relevant stakeholders can use digital credentials technology
provided by Affinidi for cross-border verification of health documents such as
vaccination status and Covid-19 test results, which is key to restarting
international travel.

Built on the CommonTrust Network, the CommonPass platform
lets travellers digitally collect their lab results and vaccination records
from health data sources in the CommonTrust Network and demonstrate that those
records meet the health screening requirements of their international

Governments and digital verification organizations
worldwide, along with airlines such as ANA, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines,
JetBlue, Lufthansa and United Airlines, are adopting the CommonPass project.

Under the partnership, travellers on a Japan Airlines’ test
flight from Japan to Singapore on 5 April used CommonPass to present their
health records to immigration officers to validate their Covid-19 status using
Affinidi’s digital credentials verification solution.

The digital verification technology can verify credentials
based on multiple international standards, thereby enabling airlines and
immigration authorities to work with health documentation and QR codes issued
by institutions and other bodies in different countries.

This process will expedite check-in processing at the
airlines and immigration checkpoints at both departure and arrival. At border
checkpoints, travellers would simply present their health documents to be
scanned by airline staff and immigration officers, which will authenticate the
credentials using Affinidi’s technology and inform them if the traveller has
met the Covid-19 requirements in the destination country before boarding the

Since December 2020, Affinidi has been running pilot
programs to trial its digital health verification solution with multiple
airlines, including Singapore Airlines (SIA) and EVA Air, in preparation for
the reopening of international borders.