19 Travel Tips For First-Time Visitors to Frankfurt

Gateway to Europe, sparkling skyscrapers, intelligent transport systems? Meet Frankfurt; A cosmopolitan city that is very easy to get around. This city is a mashup of activities and culture with some of the friendliest folks you’ll ever get to know. Although Frankfurters may appear grumpy, there are indeed one of the frank people ever to meet. 

Frankfurt is a dream place that everyone should visit, but before you hit that buy the ticket now button, here is a list of things that they don’t tell you about Frankfurt. Keep scrolling to know some of the fun facts about the place you are about to visit.

  1. German Should Be The Least Of Your Worries

You won’t have a hard time interacting with the Frankfurters because you can converse in English. The locals speak perfect English, and the hustle of learning German before visiting Germany shouldn’t bother you that much. If in case you don’t mind trying some German out, then bitte (please), dankeshön (Thanks a lot), or guten Tag (Hello/good day) will do.

  1. Adapt To The Cigarette Smoke

Nothing compares to the love the Germans have for their smoke. One of the first things that will catch your attention in Frankfurt is Cigarette smoke. Although there is an active ban on public smoking, you are likely to find people smoking in pubs, restaurants, and bars.

It might be in your best interest to pack, knowing that you’ll only get one use out of an outfit since you’ll need to get the cigarette whiff out of you.

  1. Sunday Means No Shopping

You’d want to keep a mental note that most shops are closed on Sundays here in case you want to plan for that short weekend getaway. I know this can be frustrating for any visitor here, so adjust your calendar when it comes to souvenir hunting. 

  1. Tipping In Germany Implies Modesty

You can picture Germans as more of the UK and less of the US when it comes to tipping. It’s because Germans tips modestly, and it’s typical to round up the bill by a couple of Euros after that mouth-watering lunch in a restaurant. Just remember to include your tip on the bill and not leaving the change on the table. If the bill is, for instance, €17.50 and you hand in €20, you could say, ‘€20, please.’

  1. Get Acquainted With The German Frankness

Things might seem quite brusque in Frankfurt if you are used to friendly services in other places. Germans are more of let’s say professional and efficient, and that’s good enough. What I mean is that Germans are more straight and direct though in a brutal way, and that is no way any polite but in a friendly manner. The locals are amiable, just in a natural and straight style. 

You wouldn’t want to misconstrue that as they are one bunch of frank folks, you’ll get to meet. Just know that service not accompanied by a smile is standard in Frankfurt, and a smile is no taboo at all!

  1. Make Yourself Comfortable

Don’t wait to be seated in most casual restaurants in Frankfurt; make yourself comfortable. Unless the seat/place has a reserved tag in it, settle in and wait to be served. If at all the seat you need has been reserved for a late occupancy, ensure you are done before the stipulated time.

  1. Keep An Eye On The Bike Lanes

Watch out for the street markings to keep off the bicycle lanes. You want to make much out of your stay, and you can avoid any small accidents by watching out for these lanes. You can as well use the Frankfurt Call A Bike Service run during your cycling moments.