With virtual reality, zero gravity seats, and fabrics inspired by Mercedes-Benz interiors, Emirates’ first-class suites are completely over the top. Perhaps what makes this experience so unique is the sheer notion that the middle seat is actually the best seat. For the new Boeing 777-300ER, Emirates offers two rows with three suites across, rather than the traditional four. To make sure that the middle seat passengers weren’t missing out, Emirates created virtual reality “windows,” which show the scenes going on outside in HD clarity. After a few glasses from the airline’s $500-million wine cellar, including cult favorites like Mouton Rothschild, no one would hold it against you for believing you’re in an actual window seat.

Emirates also commissioned top space engineers to create a zero gravity position in the first-class seat, so you can feel as if you’re floating through the skies. And with a seat that comfortable, who wants to get up to flag down a refill? Emirates created a FaceTime-style setup, where you can video chat with the crew to make any requests.

Passengers can adjust their personal lighting according to their mood and even control the temperature within the suite. They’ve also upgraded the TVs in these suites to 32-inch HD monitors, while also introducing the only floor-to-ceiling privacy doors found in the sky. Resting comes easy with a flat bed and goodies like Byredo eye cream, chamomile sleep oil, and pillow mist.

The only things missing on the Boeing 777 are the famous inflight showers, bar, and lounge available on the A380. Luckily, its first-class lounge in Dubai makes up for it with its dedicated Mo√ęt and Chandon bar, lavish shower suites, and a new a la carte menu including a growing number of vegan and gluten-free selections. More decadent choices include chargrilled Wagyu burgers, 72-hour braised beef short ribs, and foie gras terrine.

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