BANGKOK, 16 November 2020: Thai Airways International
continues to offer repatriation flights in cooperation with the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs to get Thais home in time for New Year family reunions.

Embassy officials have reiterated the Thai government’s
commitment to providing flights to bring Thais back home by the close of the

Fron Europe a one-way fare costs around THB35,000 and Thais
have the option to enter the 14 state quarantine or opt for the alternative
scheme provided by hotels that cost around THB45,000.

Flights are being operated with the logistics coordinated
by  Royal Thai Embassies in London, Kuala
Lumpur, Stockholm, Tokyo, and Berlin, the Royal Thai Consulates in Hong Kong
and Frankfurt, and Thailand Trade and Economic Office in Taipei. Eight
repatriation flights arrived in Bangkok last week.

Repatriation flights

  • TG917, for the 14th time since repatriation flights were first organised from London, UK flew 179 Thais from London.
  • TG416, for the second time, carried 85 Thais from Kuala Lumpur.
  • TG639, for the ninth time, carried 195 Thais from Hong Kong.
  • TG961, for the 10th time, carried 247 Thais from Stockholm.
  • TG633, for the 15th time, carried 142 Thais from Taipei.
  • TG643 carried 29 Thais from Tokyo (Narita).
  • TG633, for the 16th time, carried 166 Thais from Taipei.
  • TG923, for the 10th time, carried 112 Thais from Frankfurt.

THAI will continue to offer both repatriation and weekly semi-commercial flights for travellers who meet the Thai government’s 11 categories that have the green light to visit Thailand.

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