GENEVA, 22 March 2021: The first international traveller
using the IATA Travel Pass arrived at London’s Heathrow Airport during the
weekend onboard a Singapore Airlines flights, according to the International
Air Transport Association.

“The successful implementation of IATA Travel Pass in
this trial with Singapore Airlines passengers demonstrates that technology can
securely, conveniently and efficiently help travellers and governments to
manage travel health credentials. The significance of this to re-starting
international aviation cannot be overstated,” said, IATA’s Director
General and CEO Alexandre de Juniac.

Passengers on Singapore Airlines flights from Singapore to London during the trial used the IATA Travel Pass to:

  • Create a secure digital version of their passport on their mobile device.
  • Input their flight details to learn of travel restrictions and requirements.
  • Receive verified test results and a confirmation that they meet all travel requirements.

“Today’s success is a big win for many parties. It gives travellers a one-stop-shop to help them comply with the new rules for travel. It shows that governments can efficiently manage these travel requirements with complete confidence in the identity of the passenger and the veracity of the travel credentials – importantly, avoiding long queues. And it’s a purpose-built means for airlines to manage the new travel requirements without drowning in inefficient and ineffective paper processes,” said de Juniac.

Automated Processing

Airlines recognise ground operations will grind to a halt if they have to manage Covid-19 travel requirements – test results or vaccine certifications – with paper documentation.

Global Standards

To gain maximum benefit from IATA Travel Pass and avoid
confusion and inconvenience for passengers, the standardisation of test or
vaccination certifications and their acceptance by authorities is key. A recent
IATA poll of travellers found that 89% agree with the need for global
standards, and 80% are keen to use a mobile app to manage their travel

Last Friday, ICAO moved the establishment of global
standards for testing/vaccination certifications a step closer to reality.
Next, governments need to provide a digital Covid-19 test/vaccination
certificate when people are tested or vaccinated, so they have a verifiable
document on their mobile device. This will ensure equivalence, mutual
recognition, and acceptance of Covid-19 certifications for passengers when they
travel around the world.