SINGAPORE, 7 October 2021: SiteMinder, a leading open hotel commerce platform, has partnered with the travel industry’s digital marketing leaders to open a full direct booking opportunity for its more than 32,000 hotel customers.

The partnerships form part of Plug-in Apps – an extension of the SiteMinder Booking Engine – which brings digital marketing to the hands of hoteliers for the first time and allows them to build their technology stack.

Plug-in Apps comprise best-of-breed applications in digital
marketing, remarketing, price comparison, chatbots, loyalty, upselling and
reviews, including Sojern, HiJiffy, Lassie and The Hotels Network. Their
integration, which follows the 33% growth in direct reservations that
SiteMinder saw through its hotel commerce platform during the first half of
this year when compared to the same period in 2019, will support hotels in
enhancing the booking journey of their guests and driving conversions.

A digital marketing provider powered by AI and traveller
intent data Sojern’s chief revenue officer Noreen Henry noted: “In the US and
Europe, travel has come roaring back from pandemic lows, and we see a similar
trend starting around the world in key markets like Latin America.”

By integrating Sojern’s world-class programmatic advertising
solutions with SiteMinder, hotels can effortlessly reach travellers searching
for a place to stay, drive them to book direct, and then track and measure

SiteMinder’s 2021 global consumer research, The Dynamic Traveller: A New Era of Hotel Guest, revealed that an average of 39% of travellers globally expects to arrange their next trip directly with the accommodation venue, compared to 36% in 2020. At least four in five travellers are very supportive (14.88%), supportive (39.19%) or indifferent (28.09%) about hotels using their personal data to better their stay.

“Direct bookings are loved by guests and hotels alike,” says
Inga Latham, Chief Product Officer at SiteMinder. “Through Plug-in Apps, hotels
can now use the most relevant technology solutions that offer high returns and
meet their guests’ expectations, minimise friction at every stage of the
booking journey and bring efficiencies, without having to worry about how they
will integrate with their existing systems. Importantly, these solutions offer
hotels greater potential for revenue and control of the guest experience.”

The addition of Plug-in Apps to SiteMinder’s platform brings
the size of SiteMinder’s partner ecosystem to more than 1350, encompassing
distribution channels, property management systems, hotel applications and
hotel consultants.