BANGKOK 7 July 2021: Bangkok Airways prepares for Samui’s reopening by offering a sealed Bangkok-Samui route that will serve international passengers.

They will disembark from international flights at Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) and continue their journey to Samui Island on the special sealed flights once the government gives the green light for the island to reopen to tourism.

The sealed route will be served by three round-trip flights
daily, starting 15 July 2021 onwards.

As it stands, the government has confirmed that based on the success of the Phuket Sandbox; it will reopen tourism to three islands in the Gulf of Thailand – Samui, Phangan and Tao.  Public relations gurus and influencers are assuming the Phuket trial is already a success story, and the opening of Samui and the neighbouring islands becomes a foregone conclusion. But there could be slip-ups that might delay the introduction of sealed route travel to Samui. Bangkok Airways is betting on a positive outcome that will see phase two of the reopening schedule gaining traction in Samui, as long as the Phuket Sandbox remains stable.

Flight timetables for Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) – Samui route are as follows:

– PG5125 departing Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) at 1005, arriving at Samui
airport at 1135.  

– PG5151 departing Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) at 1435, arriving at Samui
airport at 1605.  

– PG5171 departing Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) at 1710, arriving at Samui
airport at 1840.  

Flight timetables
for Samui – Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) route are as follows; 

– PG5126 departing Samui airport at 1215, arriving in Bangkok
(Suvarnabhumi) at 1345. 

– PG5152 departing Samui airport at 1645, arriving in Bangkok
(Suvarnabhumi) at 1815. 

– PG5172 departing Samui airport at 1920, arriving in Bangkok
(Suvarnabhumi) at 2050. 

Meanwhile, Thailand News Agency reported Tuesday that Surat
Thani governor, Wichawut Jinto, met with officials to discuss the Samui
reopening. They plan to implement the “Samui Plus Model” as the
cabinet has already allowed the southern province to reopen the island to
receive tourists from 15 July, conditional on favourable outcomes in Phuket.

The Samui Plus Model covers Samui, Phangan and Tao islands.
Full vaccinated international and domestic visitors will be required to comply
with strict health measures such as RT-PCR or antibodies testing. Like the
Phuket model, they will have to stay on the island for 14 days at a SHA+
registered hotel before they can travel to other destinations in the country.