BANGKOK, 12 May 112021: The Pacific Asia Travel Association
(PATA) has become a signatory of The Future of Tourism Coalition with the
global mission to place destinations at the centre of recovery strategies.

PATA CEO Mario Hardy said: “While decades of growth
before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic have been celebrated by the travel
and tourism industry, it has also placed many destinations at risk –
environmentally, culturally, socially, and financially. As the industry looks
towards recovery, it must realign around a strong set of principles in order to
bring about long term sustainable and equitable growth. We encourage all of our
members, partners, and affiliated organisations and businesses to show their
support and become part of the movement by joining as a signatory to this

The coalition was formed in 2020 by six non-governmental
organisations (NGOs) comprising the Centre for Responsible Travel (CREST),
Destination Stewardship Centre, Green Destinations, Sustainable Travel
International, Tourism Cares, and the Travel Foundation.

Almost 550 organisations have since signed up to the
coalition’s 13 Guiding Principles, which place destination needs at the centre
of tourism’s new future. The Guiding Principles outline a bold vision for
tourism’s path forward and is calling on tourism agencies, travel companies,
governments, investors, non-governmental organisations, and destination
communities to commit to them.

Travel Foundation CEO and chair of The Future of Tourism
Coalition, Jeremy Sampson said: “With PATA’s support for the coalition,
our initiative is significantly strengthened. PATA was an early advocate of
sustainable tourism within the Asia Pacific. By joining The Future of Tourism
community, it can facilitate a greater flow of best practice to and from the

Guiding Principles provide a clear moral and business imperative for building a
healthier tourism industry while protecting the places and people on which it
depends. Those Principles call for signatories to:

  1. See the whole picture
  2. Use sustainability standards
  3. Collaborate in destination management
  4. Choose quality over quantity
  5. Demand fair income distribution
  6. Reduce tourism’s burden
  7. Redefine economic success
  8. Mitigate climate impacts
  9. Close the loop on resources
  10. Contain tourism’s land use
  11. Diversify source markets
  12. Protect sense of place
  13. Operate business responsibly

The foundation of these principles was built on a
firm belief that taking a holistic approach to responsible and sustainable
tourism is the only way to secure the future the coalition stands for.

The coalition recognises that a strong commitment to
diversity, equity and inclusion is fundamental to achieving its Guiding
Principles. The travel and tourism industry has much work to do, and the
coalition will act with intentionality in addressing the role that racial and
environmental justice play in creating a more equitable tourism economy. The
Coalition members have made a commitment to listen, learn, and seek change by
engaging with signatories and other entities as a part of that journey, and
this work will be guided by Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)
indicators and criteria related to equity, inclusion, and non-discrimination.

The path to change is a journey, and lasting
solutions take time. The coalition will support the industry by providing the
tools, guidance and collaboration to ensure a stronger path forward and
encourage a diverse and inclusive set of signatories to sign on and share their
perspectives and experiences to collectively work toward a more just,
equitable, and sustainable future for all.

Travel and tourism stakeholders are invited to show their support and become part of the movement by joining as signatories. Visit