BANGKOK, 9 December 2020: A leading Asian destination
management company, Khiri Travel pledges its operations will be fully carbon
neutral by January 2021.

To achieve its green objectives, Khiri Travel is partnering
with climate and sustainable development experts ClimateCare.

In its media statement, the inbound tour specialist says it
will completely offset carbon emissions for Khiri guests’ during their holidays
along with the company’s operations. This includes CO2 emissions generated by
all of Khiri’s offices in seven Asian destinations, staff commuting, and all
business travel by Khiri employees.

Once travellers arrive in Southeast Asia, Khiri Travel will
offset carbon emissions for guest trips by charging USD1.50 per person per day.
The aim is to offset entire itineraries, including accommodation, activities
and transport. Funds will go to ClimateCare’s best-in-class carbon reduction
projects in the Asian region.

 Khiri Travel CEO
Herman Hoven said that Khiri had calculated the average carbon footprint of its
itineraries and set a rate of USD1.50 per person per day that will be
automatically added to each travel proposal to partners.

Hoven said that partners would have the possibility to
opt-out if they had their own carbon offsetting programme in place.
“Otherwise the US$1.50 fee will apply,” he said.

“Our overall aim is to do our best to improve
environmental management and decrease any negative impacts on our
destinations,” said Hoven.

ClimateCare’s director of partnerships, Robert Stevens, said:
“We work with forward-thinking organisations such as Khiri Travel to turn
their climate responsibilities into positive outcomes, which also support
sustainable development.”

To further reduce CO2 emissions, Khiri Travel has introduced
a new product line: “Rediscovering The Art of Slow Travel”. During
these trips, there will be no regional flights. All transport will be by train,
car or boat. Itineraries will typically be a minimum of 15 days. Accommodation
will be vetted against Khiri’s social, cultural and environmental criteria. And
excursions will benefit the host communities, mostly in less developed regions.

On climate action, Khiri’s position is to follow current
advice from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which recommends
cutting global carbon emissions to 55% of 2017 levels by 2030 in order to limit
global warming to 1.5 o C (2.7 o F).