GENEVA, 21 April 2021: Unilabs, a leading European
diagnostic services provider, and the International Air Transport Association
(IATA) have signed an agreement to incorporate Unilabs’ worldwide Covid-19
testing network into IATA Travel Pass.

The agreement will make Unilabs one of the first major lab
groups to be integrated into IATA’s Travel Pass app. Proof of a negative
Covid-19 test is required by many governments as a condition of entry, and the
app makes the process seamless, secure, and easy. 

“Covid-19 testing will play a role in re-starting
international travel. Travellers will need to understand test requirements,
locate labs, verify their identity to the lab and transfer their test results
to relevant parties – airlines and governments – as needed. Our partnership
with Unilabs will give travellers access to Unilabs’ extensive network and help
them securely and efficiently manage their test results,” said IATA
director-general Willie Walsh.

IATA Travel Pass provides information on entry requirements,
directs travellers to trusted labs, and allows passengers to receive and manage
digital certificates for Covid-19 tests or vaccinations.

Unilabs will be able to securely upload test results in the
IATA Travel Pass, which are then checked against the IATA Timatic global
registry of national health requirements, to produce an “OK to
Travel” status. Through the app, passengers can share their status and
digital test certificates with authorities, airports, and airlines.

Unilabs and IATA are currently running a pilot programme in
the UAE. Once the processes are successfully up and running, the initiative
will be rolled out to other entities of the Unilabs network in many countries.

Alongside PCR tests, Unilabs also performs antigen and
serology tests. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the lab group has
performed close to 10 million Covid-19 tests across its network in 17