DUBAI, UAE, 12 August 2021: Emirates customers have been
snapping up exclusive duty-free retail products from the airline’s EmiratesRED
duty-free catalogue.

Instead of doing this during their flight, they are now
opting to pre-order and purchase these items before they fly.

 Customers then relax
and enjoy Emirates’ inflight service while their friendly Emirates crew deliver
their pre-ordered duty-free items directly to their seats.

Since the soft launch of its pre-order service on in July, Emirates customers can pre-order their duty-free items from 21 days up to 40 hours before flight departure. The service is currently available to customers in all classes on all Emirates flights departing from Dubai. Emirates will progressively offer this pre-order service on flights inbound to its Dubai hub.

As a part of Emirates’ ongoing strategy to enable
innovative, digital solutions at all steps of the journey, customers can now
place orders and pay online from the convenience of their personal device. This
enables customers to secure products that may otherwise not be available in
sufficient quantities on board due to high demand. For August, there are nearly
20 luxury products on EmiratesRED that are pre-order exclusives and not
available onboard.

Since relaunching EmiratesRED inflight retail on board in
September 2020, Emirates has seen key inflight retail performance indicators
surpass pre-pandemic levels, including revenue per customer.

In the coming months, the airline will expand its pre-order
product range to become the primary platform for adding travel add-ons to any
Emirates flight, with even more exclusive products including special tickets to
some of Dubai’s main attractions, bespoke items created for Emirates, and
limited-edition items sourced from some of the world’s leading brands and

The technology platform powering the EmiratesRED pre-order
service was developed by Bonflite, a company that has emerged from Intelak, one
of the UAE’s incubator programmes for travel and aviation start-ups. Committed
to supporting the UAE’s vibrant start-up and entrepreneurial scene, the
Emirates Group has been an innovation partner of Intelak since the programme’s