A backpacker who was chained up and raped inside a pig shed managed to escape by sending out cries for help over Facebook .

Davine Arckens, 26, was lured to the farm in Australia after asking for short-term work on the classified advertising website Gumtree .

The Belgian received a response from 54-year-old Gene Bristow, offering her a job at the pig farm, which she accepted.

Bristow picked her up at a bus station and took her on a two-hour drive to the property, where he pounced on her.

The monster convinced her to lie down in the shed so he could check her body for needle marks, claiming he wanted to avoid employing another addict.

Inside the shed where Davine was held captive

Gene Bristow was found guilty of rape and kidnapping

He then jumped on her from behind and after a brief struggle pulled out a fake gun, prompting her to stop resisting.

Speaking about her ordeal for the first time, she told Australian TV programme 60 Minutes: “I thought it was over.  

“So then I gave up because I thought if I keep struggling he would just shoot me. So, I stopped.”

Davine spoke out about her ordeal for the first time in an interview with 60 Minutes

She was chained up by the rapist

Bristow then chained up Davine’s leg and arm, sexually abused her and warned her to remain naked at all times.

He then threatened to kill her if she made a dash for freedom and took away her phone, although he forgot to confiscate her backpack which had her laptop inside it.

When her attacker left the room, Davine used some hooks in the shed to remove her chains – and then turned on her laptop and portable Wi-Fi USB device.

Bristow threatened the backpacker with a fake gun

Davine immediately after she was released from captivity

She sent Facebook messages to her family, friends and the police, begging for help.

In the messages sent to fellow backpacker Echo Wang, she said: “I crossed with 2 ferries. Don’t know where I am. I got chains loose. Please call police.”

She then told police where she had met her attacker and that he was driving a red pickup truck.

The spot where Davine was held captive

Bristow, 54, lured the young woman to the farm with the promise of work

Davine chained herself back up so Bristow would not become suspicious.

The rapist released her when police flooded the area the following day, bringing an end to her ordeal, which took place in February 2017.

A jury found Bristow guilty of kidnapping, rape, indecent assault and attempted rape, in March.

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