2021: Taiwan’s EVA Air will use an Affinidi digital credential
verification solution in a pilot programme with Singapore Changi Airport to
verify passengers’ Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test results for EVA’s
flight to Taipei.

The airline plans to extend the service using Affinidi, a
Singapore-based technology company, for flights from Malaysia and Indonesia to
Taipei based on the pilot programme results.

EVA is actively pursuing the deployment of digital
verification platforms as part of its commitment to safeguarding the health and
safety of passengers and crew members.

Affinidi’s solution will enable airline ground staff to
quickly and accurately determine the authenticity of PCR test results,
including the name of the medical institution, date of the test and whether the
passenger meets relevant policy requirements in their destination country.

“We are pleased to be partnering Affinidi and Singapore
Changi Airport on this digital verification platform trial which will offer
greater peace of mind for our passengers while ensuring the privacy of their
health credentials,” said the airline’s EVP David Chen.

EVA has been working with airline and aviation industry
organizations on establishing a reliable digital verification solution and
promoting cross-border application standardization that will enable
international systems to connect more seamlessly and support safe air travel.

Currently, Singapore requires travellers to present QR codes
for PCR test results from medical institutions, while Taiwan requires passengers
to present a paper copy of their PCR test result when they check-in for the

International travel is likely to resume as Covid-19
vaccines are rolled out worldwide, but standardized digital health credentials
verification systems will make it easier for travellers, airline ground staff
and immigration officers to verify test results and vaccination records.