DUBAI, UAE, 11 March 2022: The story of Bayan Al Turabi,
Emirates Flight Training Academy’s first international cadet pilot to graduate,
is one that celebrates women in aviation and highlights the importance of
female role models.

Bayan’s inspirational journey as a cadet at the Emirates
Flight Training Academy is a story of determination and success and a testament
to a dream come true celebrated on International Women’s Day 8 March.

Watch here as Bayan shares her personal story and credits her sister (also a certified pilot) for giving her the confidence to look at a career in aviation.

Growing up in Bahrain, Bayan lived in a house located
between the airport and the sea, and that’s when her love story with travel and
aviation began. Bayan’s family encouraged her and her siblings to aspire for
and achieve whatever they set their hearts on, telling them nothing is

When asked about why she decided to become a pilot, Bayan
had this sentimental story to share: “From a very young age, I had an
extreme urge of wanting to explore the world. Since I had never met a female
pilot growing up, considering an aviation career was never an option for me.
Until I witnessed my sister fly a plane as a pilot for the first time, hearing
her voice through the PA presented a new potential to combine my passion for
travel with an established career in flying. Seeing her earn her stripes along
the way inspired and encouraged me to follow in her footsteps.”

“I hope that by sharing my story, I can encourage more
young women to consider aviation as their career too, or at least let them know
that they can reach for their dreams and blue skies if they set their hearts
and minds on it.”

On training at the Emirates Flight Training Academy and what
made it unique, Bayan said: “The training programme at EFTA is different,
as we don’t only train on single-engine piston aircraft, but also on jet
aircraft, which is something not found in most pilot training academies. In
addition to the six fully-motioned simulators, which provide you with a
realistic experience of flying an actual plane, the EFTA instructors also give
us tremendous support as they guide us through our training, shape our skills,
and prepare us as up-and-coming Captains in the long run. I have also developed
lifelong friendships with my cadet colleagues, extending beyond the walls of
the academy.”

Emirates Flight Training Academy vice president Capt Abdulla
Al Hammadi said this about Bayan and the Academy’s efforts in the world of
pilot training.

“EFTA is committed to providing opportunities for all
the ambitious and enthusiastic youth to become pilots. Our academy offers a
world-leading training programme for commercial pilots, which is delivered by experienced
instructors who come from all over the world. It’s not only about our advanced
training methods and technologies but also our inclusive learning environment
that’s open and accepting of all qualified candidates.

“EFTA is proud that our first international student to
graduate is a very competent young female aviator. Bayan is smart, ambitious
and diligent. I believe she has a promising future and lots of potentials to
contribute to the aviation industry. The reality is that the world is facing a
worldwide shortage of pilots, and here at EFTA, it is our goal to contribute to
the global aviation industry by grooming future generations of accomplished and
ambitious pilots from the UAE to the world.”

About Emirates Flight Training Academy

Located in Dubai South, the Emirates Flight Training Academy
was launched by Emirates in 2017 to qualify UAE nationals and international
students to become pilots. The academy combines cutting-edge learning
technologies and a modern fleet of 27 training aircraft (Cirrus SR22 G6
single-engine piston aircraft and Embraer Phenom 100EV very light jet aircraft)
to train cadets with no previous knowledge of flying.

Cadets are trained using simulators, single and multi-engine
aircraft, and are provided with theoretical knowledge of the aviation industry
to facilitate their transition into the airline business. The Emirates Flight
Training Academy underscores Emirates’ commitment as a global leader in
aviation to train and mentor pilots and meet the future talent requirements of
the aviation industry.

The Emirates Flight Training Academy offers more than just
an extensive training programme. Its state-of-the-art facility, which is equal
to 200 football fields, also provides students with incredible amenities. With
36 modern ground classrooms, an independent Air Traffic Control Tower, and a
dedicated 1,800 m long runway, cadet pilots can learn, train and fly
successfully without having to leave the academy’s premises.

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