SINGAPORE, 12 March 2021: Discova launched two brand new product ranges: ‘Luxury inspiration’ and ‘Women in Travel’ during the first-ever virtual ITB Berlin Now that concludes Friday.

The ‘Women in Travel’ product marked International Women’s Day held last Monday featuring holiday options in 12 countries, while the luxury travel experience spotlights Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and Japan.

Discova global director of sales, Andrew
Turner, said in a promotion to ITB Berlin Now attendees: “We are delighted
to announce these collections. Our in-destination teams have been hard at work
securing special offers and exclusive benefits.”

Luxury Travel brochure

Prior to Covid-19, Discova saw a marked
increase in enquiries prompting Discova to present its first-ever Luxury
Inspiration brochure. Providing a balance of city experiences, nature, wellness
and beach relaxation, the brochure features five-star and boutique
accommodation with exclusive benefits made available to Discova partners.

Women in Travel brochure

Discova has always promoted equality and
diversity across all aspects of its business. 52% of Discova staff are women,
and 59% of our leadership positions are held by women. The concept was
initially launched in 2018, to reach female business owners, guides, and
experts from across the cities and communities. By creating these experiences,
Discova can directly support women in fulfilling their economic independence
and potential.

“Women don’t always have equal opportunity
to create sustainable livelihoods or achieve financial independence, which is a
key factor for empowerment,” said Discova managing director  Suyin Lee.  “After a successful launch, which achieved
tremendous praise and up-take from partners worldwide, Discova has now expanded
the range and launches its first-ever Women in Travel dedicated brochure. Women
in Travel experiences are now operating in 12 countries, with exciting plans
for further growth.

Discova is a global destination management
specialist operating in 14 markets in Asia and South America, offering tailored
B2B in-destination services for tour operators and travel agents.