PHNOM PENH, 22 November 2021: Destination Mekong joins a
growing list of tourism organisations that signed the Glasgow Declaration on
Climate Action in Tourism at the COP26.

As part of its efforts to play a leadership role in the
global tourism community, Destination Mekong became a signatory and launch
partner of the Glasgow Declaration on climate Action in Tourism, which was
launched earlier this month during the UN Climate Change Conference

Founded in 2017, Destination Mekong (DM) is a regional
tourism organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism in the Mekong
region. (Member countries: Cambodia, China (Guangxi and Yunnan provinces), Lao
PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, as a sustainable and inclusive tourism

The Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism unites
travel and tourism behind a common set of pathways for climate action, aligning
the sector with global commitments and catalysing collaborative solutions to
the many challenges facing businesses and destinations globally. 

The Glasgow Declaration encourages the acceleration of
climate action in tourism by securing commitments to reduce emissions in
tourism by at least 50% over the next decade and achieve Net Zero as soon as
possible before 2050.

As a signatory of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action
in Tourism, Destination Mekong has committed to aligning its actions with the
latest scientific recommendations to ensure its approach remains consistent
with a rise of no more than 1.5°c above pre-industrial levels by 2100. It also
has agreed to deliver or update climate action plans within 12 months, align
programs with the five pathways of the Declaration (Measure, Decarbonise,
Regenerate, Collaborate, Finance), report publicly on an annual basis, and work
in a collaborative spirit, sharing good practices and solutions, and
disseminating information

“More than ever, the global tourism industry has a
unique opportunity to demonstrate its transformative power through inspiring
and driving climate action. It’s not only an emergency but also a matter of
human dignity,” said Destination Mekong CEO Catherine Germier-Hamel.

The Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism brings
together the latest research and global expertise to galvanise climate action.
Hosted within the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme’s website, it
presents ‘Recommended Actions’ for tourism stakeholders worldwide to consider
as part of their action planning, alongside other resources.

As the declaration states: “A just transition to Net Zero
before 2050 will only be possible if tourism’s recovery accelerates the
adoption of sustainable consumption and production, and redefines our future
success to consider not only economic value but rather the regeneration of
ecosystems, biodiversity, and communities.”

The need for a globally consistent approach for climate
action in tourism has been made clear, notably through research into CO2
emissions carried out by UNWTO/ITF and released at the UNFCCC COP25 in December
2019. This showed that transport-related emissions from tourism were forecast
to increase by 25% by 2030 from 2016 levels, against the current ambition

As the global tourism industry is slowly getting back on
track, Destination Mekong recently appointed a new executive team composed of
Catherine Germier-Hamel as CEO, Gerrit Kruger as chief marketing officer, Gavin
Bell as the chief development officer, and Jens Uwe Parkitny as a strategic
advisor, in an honorary capacity. 

 Destination Mekong
founder and former executive director of the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office
(MTCO) Jens Thraenhart formed the executive team just weeks before he embarked
on a new career as CEO of Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

About Destination Mekong (

Mekong (DM) was created in 2017 by private stakeholders of the travel and
tourism industry of the Mekong region (GMS) to promote the Greater Mekong Subregion,
comprising of Cambodia, PR China (Provinces of Guangxi and Yunnan), Lao PDR,
Myanmar, Thailand, and Viet Nam, as a single destination.

Endorsed by the
Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office in Thailand and aligned with the mandate of
the regional collaborative tourism framework of the six-member governments of
the Greater Mekong Sub-region, Destination Mekong has executed targeted
projects and initiatives, including Mekong Moments, Mekong Memories, Mekong
Deals, Mekong Mini Movie Festival, Mekong Innovative Start-ups in Tourism
(MIST), Experience Mekong Collection, Mekong Heroes, and Mekong Trends, with
feedback from the Mekong Tourism Advisory Group (MeTAG) and via public-private
partnership investment structure, led by UNWTO Affiliate Member Chameleon

About the One Planet network Sustainable
Tourism Programme

The One Planet
Sustainable Tourism Programme has the overall objective to enhance the
sustainable development impacts of the tourism sector by 2030 by developing,
promoting, and scaling up sustainable consumption and production practices that
boost the efficient use of natural resources while producing less waste and
addressing the challenges of climate change, loss of biodiversity and
pollution. The Sustainable Tourism Programme is part of the One Planet network,
a multi-stakeholder partnership to implement SDG 12 on Sustainable Consumption
and Production.