SINGAPORE, 9 June 2021: The global B2B travel management
platform, CWT, announced the rollout, Tuesday of its Intelligent Display, a
powerful new addition to RoomIt, the group’s global hotel distribution

Bringing a consumer-grade recommendation engine to Online
Booking Tools (OBTs), Intelligent Display uses machine learning to promote
relevant and policy-compliant hotels and rates to travellers.

Intelligent Display helps maintain consistency of content
between channels, ensuring travellers and travel counsellors have the same
information and access to relevant content. In addition, it provides clients
access to in-depth data evaluation and reporting facilities – including
industry-leading missed and realized savings analysis – to help unlock savings
and improve traveller satisfaction.

“Throughout the pandemic, we’ve concentrated on
creating solutions to solve the travel manager’s biggest challenges.
Out-of-channel bookings,” said RoomIt CEO Derek Sharp. “Poor user
experience, complexity and lack of choice can all drive hotel program leakage.
So the RoomIt team focused on developing capabilities that balance all parties’
needs – travellers, travel managers and travel counsellors – to help reduce
booking abandonment and maximize the safety, policy-compliance and
cost-effectiveness of our clients’ hotel programs.”