SINGAPORE, 7 February 2022: Carnival Cruise Line has changed
its fleet deployment plan, including two ships leaving the fleet, as it
implements a restart of cruises in the US and adjusts for the continued
uncertainty in Australia.

Carnival announced the following updates:

Jacksonville: As previously announced, Carnival Spirit will replace Carnival Ecstasy in Jacksonville. While that will happen for departures from 7 March to. 9 April 2022, the next two cruises are cancelled. A new ship will be assigned from the Carnival fleet to Jacksonville for the Ecstasy itineraries, effective 23 April  2022.

Mobile: Carnival Ecstasy will reposition to Mobile for departures from 5 March through 10 October 2022. Cruises from Mobile planned for Carnival Sensation from 15 October 2022 through 30 September 2023 are cancelled.

Australia: Carnival is cancelling Carnival Splendor sailings from 10 June through 26 September 2022 and Carnival Spirit sailings from 5 June 2022 to 5 October 2023.

As part of this deployment plan, Carnival Sensation will not
restart operations, and Carnival Ecstasy’s last cruise will depart on 10  October 2022 from Mobile. Both ships will
leave the Carnival fleet.

(Source: Carnival Cruises)