HONG KONG, 7 July 2021: You would be forgiven for thinking
Cathay Pacific was tinkering with its brand when on Monday, it appeared to have
changed its name to simply Cathay.

It was probably just a matter of executives reinventing the wheel or, to be more precise, confusing the loyal airline fans by calling itself “Cathay the lifestyle brand.”

But as NewsHub pointed out, the new advertising campaign got people talking or possibly wondering where the airline found the spare cash to drop its second name and describe it as a marketing milestone.

Email blasts to the millions who follow Cathay Pacific for what it does best – fly us to our favourite destination — shouted the slogans “Cathay, Move Beyond”, and Cathay Pacific launches ‘Cathay’, the lifestyle brand. The one that dropped in my email box was inspirational: “Life elevated with Cathay.”

According to the NewsHub report, interest fizzled out fast when the airline pointed out there had been “a rebrand, kinda. But not of the airline.”

Basically, the airline joined hands with companies managing Marco Polo Club and Asia Miles to launch a new premium travel lifestyle brand named Cathay.

As for ‘why bother’ the brand masters explained: “By bringing together Cathay Pacific, Marco Polo Club, and Asia Miles under Cathay, we are simplifying the way you interact with us, including how you earn status and use your miles.”

If you need more convincing, the airline has a second reason
up its sleeve: “By integrating our offerings and building better
partnerships, we will deliver a wider range of services that elevate and
complement your travel lifestyle.”

The airline will roll out a range of new offers in spending,
dining, shopping, hotels and wellness, as well as a co-branded credit card.

Cathay and its new lifestyle offerings launch first in Hong
Kong, and the airline’s fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Cathay Pacific will
remain the airline’s brand internationally for some time to come.

(Source: NewsHub)