A new art experience is ready to open at InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort.

The Bensley Outsider Gallery will feature a collection of original works of art by internationally renowned architect and designer, Bill Bensley, which can be viewed and purchased by in-house guests and outside visitors alike.

Located at the Sky Level of the resort, the Bensley Outsider Gallery is a naturally-lit pavilion in a cobblestone courtyard.

It will house 50 colourful and bold artworks, including prints and paintings.

Visitors can also hear the story behind each artwork through a unique interactive storytelling approach that uses QR codes and YouTube videos.

“Bill Bensley has enjoyed a long relationship with our resort; he designed it and continues to do so as we change and evolve,” said Seif Hamdy, general manager of InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort.

“The Bensley Outsider Gallery is a fantastic opportunity to showcase his artworks to our guests and the public.

“We are proud to house his only gallery in Vietnam; this adds another exceptional new experience for our guests – one of a number that we will be introducing in the coming year,” he added.

Bill Bensley is a highly-acclaimed architect, interior designer and landscape architect who has created some of Asia’s most iconic hotels and resorts.

While he feels like an outsider however, Bill Bensley is certainly a talented artist.

His Fauvist style of painting bursts with bright and beautiful colours, delightful forms and a touch of humour.

He also strives to incorporate his trademark gift of storytelling into each piece.

Visitors will be able to purchase the featured artworks, with prices starting from US$250.

Passionate about wildlife protection, Bill will donate proceeds from his art sales to wildlife charities, including those dedicated to combating poaching in south-east Asia.

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