If you are looking for a hot Asian wife and are frustrated with the rules of mail order relationships, you’ve got the right place. Our Asian bride guide will help you become a pro in mail order brides from Asia and explore the world of real Asian women for marriage and the peculiarities of traditional dating and culture.

5 Best Dating Sites to Find Asian Women

Dating sites are the easiest way to meet single Asian girls, as they give singles a platform to connect with others. We created a top-5 of the most popular dating websites for you:

1. Eastern Honeys
2. TheLuckyDate
3. Orchid Romance
5. Asian Melodies

• 👍 Best for dating, flirting, long-distance romance
• 👤 Around 253,078 Monthly Visits
• ♀ / ♂ ∼45% to 55% Male to Female Ratio
• 🆓 Free Services – ‘Say Hi’ to single Asian women, Watching Streams, Group Chat in Stream
• ✍ Read full review

• 👍 Best for flirting
• 👤 Around 52,200 Monthly Visits
• ♀ / ♂ Around 52,200 Male to Female Ratio
• 🆓 Free Services – Viewing profiles of gorgeous Asian girls you like, Registration
• ✍ Read full review

• 👍 Best for chatting, casual and romantic interaction
• 👤 Around 3.5M monthly Visits
• ♀ / ♂ ∼36% to 64% Male to Female Ratio
• 🆓 Free Services – Sign-up
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• 👍 Best for long-distance romance
• 👤 Over 8,000 Monthly Visits
• ♀ / ♂ ∼41% to 59% Male to Female Ratio
• 🆓 Free Services – Chat vouchers for new members, Qpid Network app

• 👍 Best for companionship, long-distance romance
• 👤 Around 540,999 Monthly Visits
• ♀ / ♂ ∼38% to 62% Male to Female Ratio
• 🆓 Free Services – Newsfeed feature, Sending photos in mails, Requesting personal contact details
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Find Your Best Bride From Asia – Profile Examples

Getting a hot Asian wife is not hard if you know how to search for her. Let’s explore some examples of profiles of mail order brides from Asia to see the typical structure of their personal pages, and what information you can find there based on examples of some top dating services.


Name, Age: Aigerim, 32
Location: Baidu, China
Occupation: Teacher
About girl: Stunning Asian bride, Aigerim, works as a teacher, and she loves children, and also helps them. If we talk about her qualities, then she is: sociable, generous, affectionate, purposeful, and an honest person, as many Chinese women are! She loves to travel and brings small souvenirs from travel! She loves making gifts for her friends and loves parties and outdoor activities!
• 💻 Site: theluckydate.com


Name, Age: Lei, 31
Location: Shanghai, China
Occupation: Lawyer
About girl: Lei’s life is stable and regular. She goes for a walk on weekends, travels on holidays, likes watching movies, and has two pets. This hot Asian woman will never lack enthusiasm for life.
• 💻 Site: easternhoneys.com

Xiao dan

Name, Age: Xiao dan, 33
Location: Zhengzhou, China
Occupation: Beauty salon president
About girl: Xio dan is a beautiful, gentle, kind-hearted, sincere woman. She likes traveling, shopping, singing, food, yoga, swimming, playing golf, and fitness. She is one of the Chinese ladies who look forward to a simple and fulfilling life.
• 💻 Site: asianmelodies.com

Top 10 Things to Know about Asian Brides: Popular Questions With Answers

We have collected the most frequently asked questions that will help to understand Asian brides for marriage. Get to know more about beautiful mail order brides from Asia and make the right choice of Asian countries and online dating services.

#1 About Asian Brides: Who Are They?

Modern mail order Asian brides are gorgeous women from Asian countries who use the power of dating sites to meet western men. Hot Asian women for marriage are usually young girls, but you can also find mail order brides of almost all ages.

These ladies are predominantly interested in serious relationships and are ready to relocate with a foreign husband. Read a detailed guide about Asian girls for marriage here.

#2: Why Do Asian Ladies Want to Date Foreigners?

Beautiful Asian women become mail order brides because:

Western men seem to be exotic both in appearance and character. Hot Asian ladies are used to being surrounded by Asian men, so when they meet someone, not of the same race, it is intriguing and alluring. Besides, foreign men tend to be quite charming.
The economic situation is quite controversial. Most Asian girls are from developing countries. Their real life is not easy as they must work hard to provide for their families, but still have quite low standards of living.
• It is hard to find an Asian husband. There is no shortage of males in Asia. For example, in China, the female population is 48.71% compared to 51.29% male population. But the thing is, there is a lack of worthy husbands, who don’t just want to have an ideal Asian wife, but are ready to love, care, and provide a comfortable level of life.

That’s why you can find so many stunning single Asian ladies who want to marry Western guys.

#3: What Makes an Asian Woman the Best Wife?

Most Asian women have a unique Oriental charm that seems to make guys be head over heels about how to get an Asian mail order bride. In fact, 8 out of the 20 countries rating of the most popular mail order brides are located in the Asian region.

Top 20 Countries for K-1 Visa Issuances, 2017

And Filipino ladies make other foreign brides fade in comparison. But why do men want to travel the continents to look for a future wife in Asia and not save the fuss and marry a Western woman?

Let’s see what national traits make a typical Asian mail-order wife so desired.

Unique beauty of Asian women

When you lay your eyes on Mindy Kaling or Lucy Liu, we bet you have no doubt why so many want to meet Asian ladies online. These women are a great representation of Asian beauty standards. But what are they?

Fair skin, slim figure, youthful look, large eyes, and smooth porcelain skin. Mail order brides from Asia always protect their skin with SPF and use lots of skincare to preserve their youthful beauty for ages. Also, they lead a healthy lifestyle, which results in incredible appearance.

Mentality features

Another great treat of these beauties that makes dating Asian women online so popular is their mentality. Western guys are used to dating independent women, who are obsessed with equality. But having an Asian wife brings other values. The key point here is the ritual nature of Asian cultures. It is typical for Asian societies to cultivate the behavior of a husband-father or husband-elder brother, who takes care of his ‘little girl’, aka mail order Asian wife.

Asian wives modesty

Asian mail order views are known for being quiet and humble. However, don’t mistake them for submissive and obedient types. Even if sexy Oriental brides are more distant and shy, they know how to have fun and have a great sense of humor. But even if a girl is smoking-hot and has an amazing personality, she will never flaunt it, as being modest is considered to be the core of Asian culture.

Family values

A huge part of the Asian soul is in the right views on family. This cultural trait makes them perfect wife-material. Guys want to be with Korean Brides, Chinese Brides, Japanese women, and other Asian mail-order wives because they dream of a traditional family and decision of roles.

Even in America, Asian-Americans have the lowest divorce rate of 18% in comparison to 45% of Native Americans. And we probably have to thank Confucius for his “Divorce brings family shame” which perfectly describes one of the core concepts of Asian nations.

#4: Where to Meet Asian Mail Order Brides?

Today, you can easily find Asian brides with online dating. There are plenty of sites, platforms, and apps that can help you find an Asian wife without leaving the comfort of your home. here, you’ll find the list of the best Asian dating sites with lots of beautiful women and men. Their services online communication become much easier and the whole process from searching, texting to meeting Asian women—more efficient. You can get a hot Asian bride on:

International Dating Site. It has women from all over the world, and you are choosing not just from single Asian girls but also ladies from Latin America, Europe, and Africa.
• Mono-national dating site. It can be region-based, like Asian dating service Orchid Romance or country-specific, where you can meet just Chinese girls, or Thai brides. Find Chinese, Thai and Filipino dating sites to choose the best one.
• Mono-national dating app. Check free asian dating apps here.

Let’s explore the advantages of online dating for meeting mail order brides from Asia.

Pros of online dating for Asian bride search

• Thousands of singles interested in dating foreigners
• Time-effective
• Western men get a lot of attention from most Asian brides
• You connect to ladies who are interested only in serious relationships or just having fun—it’s you who chooses
• Interactive features and services make online dating fun
• Reasonably priced
• Modern platforms provide a secure place for dating

Cons of online dating

• Too many sexy singles can make it harder to find an Asian bride
• There is always the risk of a scam
• Some services are quite expensive

Traveling to Asia

Visiting one of the Asian countries is another option you have if you want to find an Asian girlfriend or future wife in real life. For example, if you dream of Japanese girls, you can plan a trip to Japan or find a dating tour. Let’s explore the pros and cons of meeting mail order bride from Asia IRL.

Pros of visiting Asia to get a wife

• You can experience the culture, traditions, people first hand
• You can enjoy physical interaction
• You can see how Asian girls behave IRL

Cons of traveling to get an Asian mail order wife

• Language barrier
• No guarantee to meet someone you actually like
• Depending on an Asian country you may have cultural shock
• You need to research where to meet Asian women
• Traveling can get quite expensive

Both dating online and traveling to the Asian country of your choice can be your chance to meet your soulmate. However, using a reliable dating site, like Asian Melodies, is far more efficient and comfortable.

#5: Is it Difficult Dating an Asian Mail Order Bride?

Approaching a hot mail order bride takes just a catchy message that can spark the conversation and potentially something more meaningful. Also, most singles are interested in finding a reliable and caring partner, which makes them quite active and open. So, you shouldn’t have problems.

But developing relationships and building and dating internationally are not that easy. Naturally, different mentalities and language barriers bring difficulties in understanding. Therefore, it’s essential to explore Asian dating culture to know how to date Asian ladies.

Here are some difficulties you can face dating a mail order bride from Asia:

Her family has a big say. People in Asia value the opinion of their parents, and to be honest, some are very afraid of disapproval. So if you are planning on bringing your relationship to the next level, you must be your bride’s parents’ favorite.
Dating in Asia is more pragmatic. And a typical Asian wife doesn’t care just about money, but she wants to know if her partner can provide for the family.
The difference in values. Western world popularizes love as a consumer-type thing and getting out of the relationship when you hear the first thunder. But Asian countries value stability and soul connection more.

International relationships might not be easy, but no relationship is. You need to put an effort, exploring traditions and mentality peculiarities of Oriental beauties before you actually meet Asian women.

#6: What to Expect When Dating an Asian Girl?

International relationships can be challenging due to the possibility of cultural differences, but they also can be much stronger. As when a couple overcomes a lot, goes through all cross-cultural marriage, immigration, they value their relationship a lot more.

Let’s explore some dating traditions that you might encounter if you order Asian bride:

• In Indonesia, men are expected to make the first move and woo a girl with traditional courtesy. If you want to approach a hot Indonesian beauty now, you can do it here.
• In East Asia, people put a lot of pressure on girls to get married young. There are even marriage markets in China.
• Don’t think of steamy make-out in Korea. Korean women might be very sexy, but you’ll need to keep your hands to yourself, as PDA is not praised. And a 아줌마 (ajumma—older Korean woman) can raise a storm on you.

As you see, relationships in Asia have their hardships, but a charm as well. Making an effort is totally worth it, as with Korean brides, or any other ladies from the region you get your biggest supporter and believer.

#7: Is There Usually a Language Barrier with Asian Brides?

It’s hard to tell if you are going to have a language barrier with Asian beauties. As the Asian region has the widest range of English proficiency levels. If you choose Singapore, you probably won’t have any problems, as it has the highest rank and is 10th globally. But, if you choose Cambodia, Sri Lanka, or Thailand, don’t expect women to have a high level of English, especially if they are a bit older.

#8: Does an Age Difference Matter to Asian Brides?

As statistics show, Asian women are into older men and the age difference doesn’t matter. The average age difference differs across Asia and ranges from 2.7 in Myanmar to 8.4 in Bangladesh. And husbands are always older. Such phenomena don’t affect fertility and can be easily explained by social pressure in Asian countries to marry young.

And at the same time, the pressure of marrying a proper man, who can support the future family, eliminates younger men, who are only starting to develop their wealth.

#9: How Much Do Asian Brides Cost?

There are no price categories for mail order brides from Asia, as even if the process may be referred to as ‘buying a bride‘ you are not actually buying a wife. So, if you are interested in getting a beautiful Asian girl, let’s explore Asian mail order bride prices and what are the main components of it.

Dating platform fee

Dating sites’ services have different cost for their services, based on quality, variety, and service they provide. Some sites have subscriptions, but the majority are credit-based. Mid-range mail order bride sites, like CuteAsianWoman, are the most widely used, and the cost on them starts at $2.99-$20 credits, and there are different credit pack options.

Expenses on dating

Even if you choose dating online as your dominant dating form, you shouldn’t expect to pay only for the website’s services. A big part of your budget will be spent on regular dating things like flowers and presents. If you want to conquer a beautiful Asian lady, you need to come prepared. Thus, you need at least $200-$500 monthly.

Travel expenses

Visiting your gorgeous lady starts with a round trip ticket, which can be from $1,000 if you choose Korea, but the cost will vary depending on the country you are traveling to and the season. Your other expenses may include:

• Accommodation—around $54 per day
• Food—around $13 per day
• Transportation—around $6.5 per day
• Entertainment—around $8.5 per day

So, a month in South Korea will cost you around $3,460.

Recommended to read info how much does it cost to marry a Thai girl and read about how much does it cost to marry a Filipino girl.

#10: Are Marriages to Asian Brides Legal?

Yes, they surely are. Beautiful mail-order brides that you see online on reputable dating sites are real women who are looking for love and a Western husband. And marrying a legitimate Asian mail order bride is perfectly legal. You can do it both in the US and in the Asian country of your choice.

The only thing is that you’ll need to check what documents are required for that. For example, to tie the knot in the US, you’ll need to obtain a K-1 visa, also known as a fiancee visa. Once you have it, you have 90 days to get married.

Bonus: How to marry an Asian woman?

The recipe for marrying an Asian woman is pretty easy. Here is a little step-by-step guide.

• Find a girl you like.
• Conquer her heart and pop the question.
• Pick a country and place for a wedding.
• Collect the documents and apply petitions for visas: K-1, if you want to marry in the US. which costs $2,000 and can take around 6.5-8.5 months to be approved; or K-3 if you marry outside the US. K-3 visa is a bit more expensive but is a bit quicker to process by the Embassy.
• Get ready for the interview.
• Pass the interview perfectly and live happily ever after!

Read also this guide tells you about finding and marrying mail order brides.

Final Thoughts About Asian Brides

Getting a bride from overseas might seem time-consuming and expensive. But modern mail order bride services make it simpler and more affordable. And those stunning ladies are worth every cent.

However, if you want to find Asian women looking for marriage, beware of scammers and join only reputable dating sites, like those from our top-5.

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