SINGAPORE, 2 July 2021: Amadeus has started to deliver
Qantas’ NDC-sourced content to pilot travel sellers to test booking, servicing
through the Amadeus Travel Platform.

Thes selected travel agents can shop, book, and pay for NDC
offers sourced from the Qantas Distribution Platform. This includes ancillary
services not available via EDIFACT, special price offers, and fully integrated
post-booking servicing like cancelling and refunding an NDC booking.

The Amadeus Travel Platform is a technology platform based
on fully open systems with a broad range of global travel content. It is the
backbone of multiple front-end solutions, including Amadeus Selling Platform
Connect and the Amadeus Travel API. It will allow travel sellers and travel
buyers to easily access Qantas offers.

“Qantas has long been a close partner of ours, and this
milestone ensures that we will continue working alongside the carrier on modern
retailing capabilities. We are excited to take this next step with Qantas as we
have been processing live NDC bookings through the Amadeus Travel Platform for
several years now,” said Amadeus executive vice president airlines
distribution, Javier Laforgue.

Qantas executive manager global sales & distribution,
Igor Kwiatkowski noted: “After this pilot phase, more of our agency partners
will have access to richer content through the Qantas Distribution Platform to
deliver a more personalized experience for our mutual customers.”