JAKARTA, 1 April 2021: AirAsia Indonesia CEO, Veranita Yosephine, has been awarded one of the first global ‘AeroTime Aviation Achievement Awards’ for her outstanding work, not only as CEO of AirAsia Indonesia but also for championing global workplace equality and diversity.

The only serving female airline CEO currently in Indonesia,
Vera has led the company’s expansion into a double-digit growth by the end of
2019, and weathered the pandemic to pose a strong rebound at the end of 2020
with domestic service running at a remarkable 93% of AirAsia Indonesia’s
pre-Covid capacity in December.

Veranita Yosephine.

AeroTime Hub congratulated Vera on an announcement published
on Wednesday.

She was acknowledged for her impressive background in
championing diversity and equality at the workplace and also for her dedication
to AirAsia Indonesia, spearheading the future of the airline through its most
challenging times.

She commented: “I am honoured to receive this award
which was not at all expected. The topics around gender equality, diversity,
and how to bring people together in aviation are very close to my heart.  This is a recognition not only for me but
also for all women, especially my colleagues in AirAsia and the aviation
industry.  We look forward to future
collaborations to further promote equality, diversity, and inclusion in
aviation so that we can bring the best talents to the industry as we prepare to
repaint the skies red.

AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes commented: “AirAsia
has always been a champion for equality and diversity. We are a strong believer
in encouraging greater diversity in the workplace, and this has contributed
immensely towards creating an environment that encourages positions of
leadership for many women across the group. Also, we were the first airline in
the entire ASEAN to open doors to female pilots in 2009, and now have one of
the highest ratios of female to male pilots and engineers in the region. “