SINGAPORE, 17 March 2022: Agoda’s recent ‘India-genous
Travel’ survey shows 39% of Indians anticipate travelling internationally in
2022, while Agoda’s Return to Travel survey found that their biggest concern
remains understanding restrictions and health requirements

As Omicron starts to subside, countries are taking tentative
steps to reopen borders, easing their entry restrictions and opening their
doors to international tourists, including Indians.

Fully vaccinated passengers flying to these select countries
are no longer required to present a negative RT-PCR test upon arrival at the

Agoda has put together a list of destinations that will come
in handy when planning itineraries that start with easier entry, vaccine and
quarantine rules.


Travellers vaccinated with Covishield, or AstraZeneca can
now fly to Egypt without an RT-PCR test. All you need to do is fill out a
health declaration form, and you’re all set. While visiting the land of the
Great Pyramid of Giza, don’t forget to also check out the Mediterranean and the
Red Sea and the famous Khan el-Khalili market. Sailing down the Nile River on a
felluca, a traditional wooden sailboat, and the hot air balloon ride at Luxor
are also must-do trips. Travellers can also visit the Sahara el Beyda, the
white desert national park, or travel to Hurghada to experience Egypt’s
expansive underwater marine life – you can take a submarine ride or even opt to
go scuba diving. If you want to soak in some of the intricate cultures of the
country, you should definitely visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. 


This island country situated on the Persian Gulf is now
allowing tourists to enter without a pre-departure PCR test irrespective of
their vaccination status. 

There are so many exciting things for travellers to see and
do in Bahrain. Visit the famous and ancient Al Jasra House and Al Bahrain site
museum to indulge in the rich history and civilisation of this place, wander
through Manama Souq for some amazing spices, souvenirs, and delicious sweets,
and try out traditional Bahraini cuisines such as Machboos, meat or fish served
with fragrant rice cooked in a spicy broth or Muhammar sweet rice with dates,
across the island. Do spare some time to dive into the world’s largest
underwater theme park, Dive Bahrain, and for kayaking and other water sports at
Nurana islands.


Fully vaccinated travellers do not require a pre-departure
PCR test to fly to Lebanon if they received their second jab at least six
months before travelling. All you need to do is upload your vaccination
certificate on the Ministry of Health’s website. 

Lebanon has so much to offer with its geographically diverse
country that offers you mesmerising panoramas, rich history and architecture,
and delectable cuisine that will make your trip a truly memorable one. Explore
one of the best-preserved Greco-Roman temples, Baalbek – the temple of Bacchus,
the famous cedars of Lebanon in the Chouf, on Mount Barouk, and the Beiteddine
Palace that dates back to the eighteenth century. Go on a boat tour at Byblos
to enjoy the sunset in the birthplace of the Phoenician civilisation, hike the
beautiful QADISHA valley to explore old churches and monasteries and separate yourself
from the outside world. Don’t miss the Batara Gorge waterfall that drops 255
metres down into the Balaa Pothole, a cave of Jurassic limestone.


France decided to scrap the requirement of the RT-PCR test
for fully vaccinated travellers last month. While visiting one of the most
romantic destinations in the world, you will without a doubt visit the Eiffel
Tower, go cruising down the Seine River, pilgrim to Mont-Saint-Michel, or
wander around the Old Quarters of Paris. However, there is so much to
experience in France beyond this. Run across the Lavender fields in Provence,
take a helicopter ride over French Alps, take a stroll in Dijon – a walking
city where cars are not allowed, explore vineyards in Burgundy, taste exquisite
Champagne in Champagne, and explore Lyon city, recognised for its delightful


People vaccinated are welcomed in Turkey without an RT-PCR
test. Travellers only need to fill out a health form 72 hours prior to their
arrival. Turkey is the perfect destination to resume your travel post-pandemic.
It has the right blend of cultural influences from Asia, Europe, and the Middle
East paired with unforgettable natural wonders throughout the Turkish
landscapes. Relax at the Thermal pools of Pamukkale lake, the pure white
travertine terraces cascade down the slope looking like an out-of-place
snowfield amid the green landscape; explore one of the oldest cities of the
world, Konya, which has been inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC, and
Kaymakli – an underground city in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey; take a
hot air balloon ride to experience the surreal, swooping rock valleys of
Cappadocia; and unwind with a traditional Hamam (Turkish bath) experience.


Travellers vaccinated within nine months of their arrival do
not need an RT-PCR test to enter Norway. In case the final dose has exceeded
the period, you will need a booster shot. If you’re planning a trip to Norway,
chasing the Northern Lights and seeing the Arctic circle will definitely be at
the top of your itinerary. Apart from this spectacular sight in the skies, this
Scandinavian country houses majestic mountains, glaciers, museums, and a whole
bunch of activities to do on your travel. Travellers can hike to Mount Floyen,
a 399-meter summit which will get you the best view of the city, explore the
Geirangerfjord region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its icy Norwegian
scenery, marvel at the beautiful architecture of the Arctic Cathedral, and even
visit the world’s most powerful whirlpool, Saltstraumen Maelstrom. 

(Source: Agoda)