MOSCOW, 25 August 2021: Aeroflot suspends flights to Bangkok on the back of restrictions for flights over Afghanistan, a source close to the Russian air carrier told TASS, the official Russian news agency.

“Aeroflot is indeed suspending flights to Bangkok due
to restrictions for flying over Afghanistan,” the source noted.


According to information on the airline’s website, air tickets from the Russian capital to the Thai capital are no longer being sold. The last flight accepting booking was for 21 August. Ticket sales for September and October have now been closed. A booking search showed no flight options even in late December. Between March and 21 August, the airline offered a single weekly flight to Bangkok, but before the Covid-19 pandemic, it scheduled daily services.

Aeroflot and AirBridge Cargo have been taking an alternative
air path to bypass Afghanistan since Monday, TASS reported, which impacts on
flights to New Delhi in India and Bangkok, Thailand.

PJSC Aeroflot – Russian Airlines, commonly known as
Aeroflot, is the flag carrier and largest airline of the Russian Federation.
The airline was founded in 1923, making Aeroflot one of the oldest active
airlines in the world. (Wikipedia)

(Source: TASS)