HONG KONG, 5 August 2021: KYOI Group, a lifestyle investment platform, launched its first portfolio resort to Samui Island, Thailand, to investors in Hong Kong.

The property is due to open in the first half of 2023,
following a groundbreaking ceremony last July.

KYO Group’s business model shares DNA with what the real estate market term “timeshare”, a branding that fell out of favour some years back.

KYOI Group’s first beachfront resort offers a property rental programme to its members for holiday stays in Samui and also at locations across Asia that offer the additional benefit of earning a return on their holiday home investment. Membership gain access to more than 20 KYOI Group properties in the pipeline in Asia.

An investment of USD500,000 in the KYOI Samui resort should deliver an estimated 7% return within the first two years of operations, the KYO statement claims.

KYOI Group’s founder, Jackson Tan said: “We have
already committed to four properties in Thailand, but our overall focus is to
expand across Southeast Asia”.

The Hong Kong-headquartered KYOI Group targets 20 resort
properties in Asia’s most sought-after holiday destinations.

Co-piloting the first project is also KYOI Group’s own
Samui-based architect, James Atkinson, and construction manager, Christopher

Atkinson noted: “The resort will feature
Japanese-inspired landscaping and interior design with 145 rooms of a minimum
of 70m2-sized suites.”