Check out these 7 pet products in demand this summer, all designed to improve your pets’ health, lifestyle, and well-being.

The changing of the seasons significantly impacts pets. As spring turns into summer, many pet owners look for ways to ensure that their fur babies will stay cool and comfy despite the change in temperature and sometimes extreme weather conditions.

If you own a shop that caters to pets and pet owners, the coming of summer presents you with an opportunity to meet the emerging needs of pet-owning households in the United States. It’s the perfect time to stock up on pet products that will help people and their canine and feline companions beat the heat. If you’re the pet owner, you’ll want to ensure you have these items on hand for your fur babies this summer. These are seven pet products in demand this summer.

Portable Water Bowls

A portable water bowl is an accessory that many pet owners bring with them during their daily walks with their pets. These portable bowls are especially essential during summer when pets can easily get thirsty or feel hot during their daily walks.

Make sure that your store offers different types and sizes of water bowls so that pet owners can choose the model that best fits their particular needs. You can stock portable water bowls made of plastic and silicone, those that are attached to portable water bottles, and those that can be folded up or collapsed into a more transportable form.

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Cooling Pet Bandanas

Adding wholesale dog bandanas or cat bandanas to your pet product lineup is not just an act of vanity. More than just a tool to style pups and kits, pet bandanas can be used as a cooling implement on a hot summer day. Pet parents can put the bandana on their dogs or cats to protect them from the direct heat of the sun. If their fur babies start feeling too hot, pet parents can wet the bandana and tie it around their pets’ necks to help them regulate their temperature.

Summer Beds and Mattresses

During the warmer season, pets will benefit more from a cooling and breathable mattress that will help them stay cool. There are dog and cat beds that have cooling properties and let air pass through the bedding. Some of these cooling mats can be laid directly on the floor, while others are elevated and have a thin, breathable fabric. Offer different options for pet owners so that they can choose the best fit for their pets, but make sure to stock up on a variety of sizes for your customers as well.

pet products in demand this summer

Get a cooling fabric on a dog bed for the summer. Photo by Marcus Urbenz on Unsplash

Brushes and Combs

A lot of dogs and cats shed their thick fur in summer. To keep the fluffy mess at a minimum, pet owners need to make a habit of grooming their pets at home. Different types of pet hair will require different tools. For example, furred pets with shorter coats can benefit from a natural bristle brush, while animal companions with longer coats will need slicker brushes and coat rakes. Once the colder season sets in, pets will again shed their summer fur and replace it with thicker fur in preparation for winter. Your shop can help pet owners deal with the excess fluff year-round by selling brushes and combs.

pet products in demand this summer

There are different brushes for different coats. Photo by Ayla Verschueren on Unsplash

Sunglasses and Goggles

Pets can also use a bit of eye protection when the sun is up. Sunglasses and goggles may benefit dogs and cats that spend a lot of their time outdoors. These accessories can protect them from eye problems that some dog and cat breeds are prone to having. At the same time, goggles can also offer animal companions a level of protection against eye injuries.

pet products in demand this summer

Don’t forget eye protection for your pets! Photo by Arie Wubben on Unsplash

If your store caters to working dogs or if your shop attracts active pet owners with equally energetic pet breeds, it’s a good idea to stock up on pet eye protection products in preparation for summer.

Swim and Bath Towels

Many people take their pets to the beach during the summer. These same pet owners will need a selection of swim and bath towels for dogs and cats so they can dry off their furry friends. If pet owners choose pet towels with eye-catching designs, they can use them as props for Instagram-worthy beach photos featuring their animal companions.

Splash Pools for Pets

Pets that are spending most of the season at home may enjoy the use of a splash pool during a particularly hot day. Make sure to select pools for your shop that are scratch- and puncture-proof, as these have a better chance of withstanding and surviving rough play from your customers’ excited pooches or felines. You can also stock up on pet life jackets to help your customer ensure their fur babies’ safety and help these animal companions feel more comfortable in the water.

pet products in demand this summer

Dogs love splash pools in the hot summer weather. Photo by Firn via iStock by Getty Images

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Finding Pet Products That Will Increase in Demand This Summer

Summer is a great time to refresh your store’s offerings and invite your customers to check out the new stuff that they can use to improve their pets’ health, lifestyle, and well-being. No matter what, though, make sure to choose high-quality pet products that will keep your customers and their pets happy and safe as they enjoy the sunny weather together. Be sure to check out Wander for great ideas about some of our favorite pet-friendly travel destinations.

Check out these 7 pet products in demand this summer, all designed to improve your pets’ health, lifestyle, and well-being.


7 Pet Products in Demand This Summer

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