Have you ever seen a rock climber either on TV or in the local gym and stopped to wonder why anyone has to climb a rock? Rock climbing may not be a favorite activity among many people but if you ever want to do something new in your routine to get fit, it is one of the best options you can ever have. 

The fact that it goes beyond your physical looks to give you a mental boost makes it all the more exciting. It is understandable if you can’t deal with all the stress involved in going out to climb and the accompanying slime. Indoor rock climbing gives you the same benefits as outdoor climbing. Experiences on AmonAvis.fr suggest that you can get sound equipment for indoor rock climbing through alpiniste.fr

Here are five out of the numerous benefits of indoor and outdoor rock climbing.

  1. Improved Flexibility.

Rock climbing, whether engaged outdoors or indoors, improves flexibility. The stretching and reaching that come with climbing makes your joints more flexible. The bonus point herein is that you’ll be in better shape to take part in ballets.

2. Helps to Burn Calories.

One of the advantages of engaging in this activity is that it helps to burn calories. Committing to  a rock climbing schedule of about two hours daily can help you burn as much as 600 calories, if not more.

3. Enhances Grip Ability and Muscle Strength.

The crux of climbing a rock lies in ensuring that you hold from grips as you climb. This helps to boost your grip, a skill that comes in handy in case you want to play table tennis, throw the javelin, or even hold the driving wheel more easily. In addition to this, the different body muscles (biceps, quadriceps, and abdominal muscles) will be made stronger.

4. Improved Balance and Coordination.

Rock climbing places a demand on you to hold steady on your feet as you climb. A continuous process will help improve how you maintain balance whenever your weight tilts to one side. Your eye-hand coordination gets better as both body organs are put to good use in climbing. The coordination extends to problem-solving abilities as each move is properly calculated to avoid dangerous mistakes.

5. Fights Depression and Chronic Diseases.

The feeling of achievement that comes with each successful climb and the resulting boost in self-confidence helps individuals feel happy with themselves. It creates a craving to do more and places the climber in high spirits, dispersing any feelings of depression lurking around. As with most physical activities, rock climbing helps you to prevent chronic diseases such as hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

Isn’t the thought heart-warming, that by climbing either outdoors or indoors, you can get these benefits? This might just be the key to your being more flexible and having stronger muscles. You develop excellent grip-ability, steady balance, and coordination. 

You should really give yourself a reason to be amazed at the “height” you’ve attained. And you wouldn’t want to miss the beautiful scenery if you ever decide to climb outdoors. Still, if you prefer indoor rock climbing but don’t have the equipment, then register in a gym with the facilities and take your fitness struggles to a whole new level.