10 Reasons to visit the Spain

Great weather, magical sunsets, postcard-perfect islands, incredible landscapes, pristine beaches, dramatic street arts, colourful aura, and incredible fun, are some of the few amazing reasons to visit Spain. Backed with a rich history and packed with striking architectural marvels, Spain makes for an ultimate destination for globetrotters from across the world. The super delicious cuisine of Spain is also a big reason to pack your bags to this wonderful country. Backed by plenty of positive Thrillophilia reviews, Spain also lures the world with its fun festivities, like the tomato festival and bull fighting.

  • The incredible weather

Spain has long been known as a fantastic vacation destination, and its weather conditions play a significant role in this. The place has a lovely atmosphere, with some sunny and light drizzly days, as well as some pleasant winter days. The country is also known as the country with cotton candy skies and never-ending sunlight.

  • Beautiful sandy beaches

Standing true to all those good Trustpilot reviews, Spain has a coastline that stretches for 5000 kilometres and is well known for its numerous beaches. Some of the well-known beaches include Playa de la Victoria, Playa La Concha, and Costa de la Luz, also known as “paradise on Earth.” On the beaches, you can engage in a variety of water sports activities, and the ladies can bask in the sun and get a nice tan while sampling street food from the nearby stalls.

  • Landscapes and breathtaking natural beauty

Aside from beautiful beaches, Spain has beautiful high peaks from which you can  enjoy the country’s breathtaking views. The Picos de Europa and Sierra Nevada are heavenly and aside from that, the sand dunes of Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria are not to be missed! Furthermore, the Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote resembles something from Mars and is ideal for a family vacation.

  • Paradise island

Aside from the mainland, there are a number of other beautiful Spanish islands nearby that can be visited. The beautiful beaches on the island, as well as the unique volcanoes, draw a lot of tourists to the Canary Islands and Lanzarote. Furthermore, the Balearics are a massive family of beaches that are breathtakingly beautiful and have family-friendly resorts, namely Ibiza and Majorca.

  • Beautiful art museums

If you enjoy art, Spain is the ideal destination for you! There are numerous museums in the area that house famous art collections. The most well-known art galleries in the area are the Prado and Reina Sofia, or you can take a day trip from Barcelona to Figueres to visit the Salvador Dali Museum. You can also walk around Gaudi’s Park Guell in Barcelona!

  • The Fab Fiestas!

It’s no secret that Spain is known for its Fiestas, and the Spaniards surely know how to throw an event. No matter if it’s La Tomatina or Feria de Abril in Seville, Spain’s fiestas are a great excuse to dress up, drink and party. From specific rituals to flamenco dancing, you’ll get a taste of Spanish culture and traditions and these events could be utterly glorious to watch.

  • The sporty vibe

Football is a popular and important sport in Spain, just as it is in the United States, and many tourists visit football stadiums while in the country. Barcelona and Real Madrid are two of Spain’s most well-known stadiums. Both are well-known throughout the world, and numerous national tournaments are held at the venue. Barcelona’s Camp Nou is Spain’s largest stadium, and it includes stadium tours as well as a museum.

  • Amazing food

Spain is also well-known for its excellent delicacies and authentic cuisines. There are several restaurants in the area, all of which serve delicious food. The food is said to be divine, and the restaurants serve a plethora of new dishes that you may not have even heard of! There are numerous dishes to sample, ranging from croquettas and crispy calamari to jamón ibérico and delectable seafood paellas.

  • Intriguing history of the place

Every city in Spain, as well as every small town in the country, has an intriguing history. There are numerous ancient monuments to visit, as well as amazing artefacts to view in museums and art galleries. While in Barcelona, you can admire the Sagrada Familia, and in Granada, you can see the incredible Alhambra palace as well as the magnificent mosque in Cordoba is also worth a visit!

  • Magical bars and rooftop experiences

Last but not the least, Spain offers amazing rooftop views from several bars in the country. It is said that the place comes alive at night, when the young dance to the music in the bar while sipping on a wide range of exquisite drinks. The views of the country are breathtaking at night, and the experience is magical due to the pleasant weather conditions.